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From the District Manager's Desk

DM Update

 Hello friends,

 With the summer fast approaching and all of our thoughts turning to summer vacations, warm days, sun, sand and evenings on the patios, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year that we have had and look at what is still to come.   It has been a fantastic year for me and the rest of the district team.   As I am writing this account of our year so far, I have trouble believing all that we have accomplished in such a short time.   We could not have done any of it without you.   I mean that sincerely and I thank you for your support and continued involvement as we work toward shaping a uniquely Canadian brand of APICS and a strong representation of the members that we serve.   I hope you have as many fond memories of this year while reading my account as I have had in writing them.

 Toronto Mega Meeting – Chapter Administration

 The Canadian District Meeting hosted by the Toronto Chapter was a huge success. Chapter representation was very high with 12 of 13 chapters represented. I can’t remember the last time that happened. It was great to see all those who attended. We had 72 attendees in total. Some participated in the District Meeting, some attended the Instructor Development Day and some attended the Student Meeting.

Carol Ptak, Maryanne Ross, Bob Collins, and Eric Somers were all special guests and I would like to thank them for attending and speaking at the Instructor Development Day. Carol and Bob spoke at the District Meeting as well.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Chaim Silberstein and Nicolai Rossolov for organizing and working with the students in attendance. Their hard work in developing the future leaders in APICS is much appreciated.

Thank you to the Toronto Chapter for hosting us. Many of the board were in attendance I appreciate the hard work they do and making our meeting a success.

Edmonton Meeting – Membership

 The District Meeting hosted by the Edmonton Chapter was also a huge success. We had 11 of 13 chapters represented and had 36 attendees. We covered many aspects of membership throughout the meeting. My thanks to:

Ashley Pharand from Alberta Motor Association for her presentation “Pirate Retention Strategies – Arg”, it was a big hit.

James Pavletich – APICS VP Customer Experience was in attendance from Corporate and did a few presentations.

Brad Breitner – DBDM (District Business Development Manager for the Canadian District as well as PacWest) for giving us an update and a presentation on working with your DBDM.

Edmonton Chapter for hosting us and helping out with last-minute details, running around shopping and making the event a success. Many of the board were there and it’s great to see the chapter thriving and growing so much.

 North American Channel Partner Program

 Many of you have heard of the new North American Channel Partner Program. I have participated in many conference calls and wish to express upon you the importance that you all attend or download the mini webinars that are available to you. APICS has learned through experience that they need to communicate more to the channel partners and they are planning on making available these mini webinars every three weeks. Please review them, they are only 5-8 minutes long and they will keep you current. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. All District Managers are part of the implementation team.

 Other News

 It was announced at the last District Meeting that the Canadian District Chapters have elected my replacement. Mr. Andy Zeitz will be taking over as District Manager for the next two years. I have been working closely with Andy for the past few years and I believe he will represent the Canadian District very well. He has already started with developing relationships with other districts and is working closely with the North East District in organizing a wonderful agenda for our joint meeting in Ottawa. He is also on the APICS Leadership Summit (ALS) Committee. Congratulations Andy! Well deserved.

 Some news for you, Sean Baker has been asked to present in Las Vegas at ALS and he has accepted the challenge. The APICS Leadership Summit is being held the afternoon before the APICS International Conference starts and is an opportunity for chapter representatives to attend training and receive a discount to the conference. I know Sean will do a terrific job.

 Speaking of conference, our fellow District team member Louise Beauchamp is busy organizing the Instructor development track at ALS. This will be her second year in doing this and this year they will be offering two tracks for the instructors. Great job Louise, we all know you will do a wonderful job.

 While at conference, please cheer on TEAM Canada at the International Student Case Competition. I know they will do us proud!

 Our current Canadian District DBDM Brad Breitner has made a few sales in our district. We were the first district to make a sale under the new program. Great job Brad! Brad was hired as the Western Canada DBDM as well as the PacWest DBDM but has been fulfilling the role for all of our district. In the next few weeks I will be involved in interviewing the position for the DBDM for Eastern Canada, so we should have an announcement within the next month with a successful candidate.  

 Ottawa Meeting

 Ottawa will be my last meeting as District Manager. I would like to send out a challenge to you all. Could we have at least two chapter representatives from all our chapters in attendance? We are having a joint meeting with the North East District and I would love to be able to show a huge turnout from the Canadian District. Hotel rooms are limited so book early. We have no opportunity to extend the deadline and hotels in Ottawa are booking up with other events going on.

 Lastly, I would like to thank my whole District Team for all their hard work and guidance. The meetings that we put on have a lot of input from the whole team and we couldn’t do without each and everyone one of them. This includes a very detailed orientated, wonderful person called our District Channel Manager (new title) who is a long time friend, Leann Goettel.

 See you in Ottawa!



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Chapter Spotlight

Get to know a President!  Interview by Sean Baker

Q&A with the incoming APICS Canadian District Manager – Andy Zeitz


S – Good afternoon Andy and thank you for taking the time to talk with me. Let’s start with a few questions about who you are and where you came from. Where did you go to school?

A – I studied Music Theatre Performance at Sheridan College for 3 years. Before that I actually lived on my own in Toronto while in high school to attend a special public high school for the arts.

S – So you intended on making a career in Theatre?

A – Completely, from about the time I was 12 years old that is what I wanted to do. I didn’t end up performing too much though. I did actually perform for Bill Clinton and the Pope at a United Nations event in San Francisco when I was about 21 years old. I even had a solo.

S – Would you sing for me right now?

A – Not a chance, I can’t remember the words anymore.

S - So when did you first learn about APICS?

A – I think it was about 2006, my father was actually the one that told me to look into it. He used to teach some of the CPIM Courses up in Barrie. I was just starting to work in this industry and he thought it would be a good education for me. So I took the CPIM courses in 10 months with the Ottawa Chapter at Algonquin College.

S – So when and how did you get the bug to want to volunteer with APICS.

Y – About half way through my CPIM courses. I did something really dumb. I wrote a letter to the President of the Chapter at the time (Anne Beausoleil) complaining about the website and lack of events the Chapter was putting on. So of course, she invited me out to a board meeting and asked me to step up and get involved.   She said if you want to help fix it, join us.

S – What was your first position on the board?

Y – I started as the Director of Programs and then not long after moved into the VP of Programs spot. Then after about 16 months I was the last guy to lower his hand when they asked “who wants to be President?” So I took over the role as President really not knowing what I was doing. I was nervous at first but I knew I could get through it.

S – Hey, if you could sing for the Pope I guess you could do anything. In your time with the Ottawa Chapter, what was your greatest accomplishment? What are you most proud of?

Y - We created a comprehensive, three year strategic plan and then we actually executed and carried it out. It takes a lot to plan out three years, but then to pull off the plan and with virtually re-staffing the entire board while you do it. Honestly, we had 100% turnover of every person on the board over the period of a couple years. But our team was able to recruit new board members and fill every spot with some really great new people. Some of them are still there and that makes me proud.

S – Outside of APICS, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment in life?

A – Oh that’s an easy one, my kids. My daughter is 11 and my son is 9 years old. I spend as much time as I can with them being active. All three of us love to get outside and go skiing in the winter and get out and go camping in the summer. I think because we are so active my Daughter has now decided she wants to be an Olympic swimmer. My son is taking after my musical side and just started taking guitar lessons. Only one guitar in the house right now so there won’t be any jam sessions too soon.

S – As the incoming District Manager, what would you say your main goal is?   What do you really hope to accomplish while in this position?

A – I would like to continue to improve the level of collaboration among chapters and to continue to build the relationships between Presidents. I think we have such a strong District with some incredible volunteers. I see us reaching new goals if we continue to work together.

S – Well thanks Andy, and best of luck to you as the new DM. I kind of have to say that as you are technically my (soon to be) volunteer boss!

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Upcoming Events and Meetings

September 2015 Joint District meeting with APICS Northeast District

Register Now

Registration Deadline is August 7, 2015!

Please join us as we welcome our friends from the Northeast District.   You will have the opportunity to network with chapter volunteers from across Canada and the Northeast United States.   That's right, here's your chance to get to know some of our not too distant cousins all the way from New Jersey to Buffalo with many stops in between.   

After a successful joint district meeting with the Terra Grande district we decided to extend a warm welcome to our neighbours to the south and ask them to join us in Ottawa on the weekend of September 18 & 19.

We are hard at work finalizing the agenda with the theme of Marketing.   We plan to offer sessions on advanced online analytic tools, building successful social media campaigns and using the tools at your disposal to effectively market and grow your chapter.

Who should attend? Chapter Presidents, Chapter Board Members and Chapter volunteers.

Please discuss within your respective boards and identify your attendees early.   We have secured a limited amount of guestrooms at the hotel and we are told that the hotel will sell out that weekend.   The venue for this event has been confirmed as the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, a Fairmont hotel.   This location is just steps from the Parliament Buildings and a cultural and historic landmark in our Nation's Capital.

Register now to attend the joint District Meeting shared by the APICS Canadian District and the APICS Northeast District. Or if you are an APICS instructor registered in the IDP, enhance your skills with an LDI training session. 

Dates: Friday September 18th to Sunday September 20th, 2015

Location: Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Friday & Saturday - District Meeting

Join APICS volunteers and chapter leaders from two districts to share ideas and learn from best practices.  These two districts represent 38 chapters across 8 states and 5 provinces.  Meet Chapter Presidents, Board Members and Volunteers to discuss topics impacting chapter management and gain innovative new ideas to lead your chapter.


Saturday & Sunday - Learning Dynamics for Instructors

APICS workshop participants gain a better understanding of learning principles and styles. Discover how to select appropriate training methods, enhance listening and questioning skills, use feedback, and handle challenging situations. Workshop participants are involved in several interactive experiences throughout the two-day APICS class.





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Instructor Development

Upcoming Events for Instructors

Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI) - September 19 & 20 - Ottawa ON

In conjunction with the Canadian District meeting.

Master Instructor: Eric Somers CPIM CIRM CSCP
Co-instructor: Pat Carroccetto CPIM CIRM CSCP

Click here to register.

National Instructor Development Day - February 6, 2016 - Cambridge ON

Save the date!
In conjunction with the Canadian District meeting and the Lloyd Clive Memorial Student Case Competition.

Train the Trainer (TTT) - Winter 2016 - East

We are looking for a chapter in Quebec or Ontario to host Train the Trainer. Canadian District covers all event expenses. You help us book a facility and provide a host for registration purposes. Please contact education@apicscanada.org if you would be interested in hosting TTT.

Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI) - Spring 2016 - Winnipeg MB

In conjunction with the Canadian District meeting. Stay tuned for more details.

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Student and Academic Update

Two Canadian Student Teams to Represent at APICS 2015

We couldn’t be more proud of our Canadian students this year! 

HEC Montreal was one of the 5 top winners in the Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge held recently.  HEC Montreal will advance to the final competition in Las Vegas, Nevada in October as part of APICS 2015.  These 5 teams will compete against teams that have won a district level competition.  Congratulations to the HEC Montreal team members advancing from the APICS Global Student Challenge:  Jing Jin, Yiming Zhuang, Kaiqi Shu and Jingshu Liu.  Other teams finishing in the top five were from Morocco, Italy, Pakistan and Peru. 

As a result of this,  not one but two teams will be representing Canada at the final student case competition in Las Vegas, as part of the APICS 2015 International Conference.  Also competing will be the winners of the 2015 Lloyd Clive Memorial Student Case Competition, held by the Canadian District.  The HEC Montreal students,  Vanessa Dalpe, Stewart Soh, Sami Birem and Francis Lapointe, competed against other Canadian teams in January 2015, to secure a spot in the APICS 2015 competition. 

Both teams will be busily preparing over the summer, and we can’t wait to see them in action in October in Las Vegas!  Congratulations to all on a huge accomplishment!

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